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Stephens Fashions specializes in quality designs that will deliver elegance and style to any Misses or Plus size women. We offer Church Suits, Skirt Suits, Mother of the Bride / Groom Ensembles, Womens Business Suits, Women's Suits, Designer Hats, and Special Occasion Dresses.

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NEW! Spring 2015 Collections

White Collections
Scruples Originals Spring 2015
Women's Church Hats
Aussie Austine Spring 2015
Women's Suits
Ben Marc Executive Spring 2015
Career Suits
Kayla by Tally Taylor Spring 2015
Ladies' Knit Suits
Stacy Adams White Collections
La Rea Spring & Summer 2015
Linen-look skirts
Just White by Tally Taylor
Women's White Suits
Stacy Adams Spring 2015
Ladies Wear
White Collections
White Suits
Donna Vinci Italy Donna Vinci Knits Fifth Sunday Aliya's Elegance
Donna Vinci Italy Spring 2015
Women's Suits
Donna Vinci Knits Spring 2015
Women's Knit Suits
Fifth Sunday Spring 2015
Women's Church Suits
Aliya's Elegance Spring 2015
Affordable Dresses and Suits
Donna by Donna Vinci Lily & Taylor Annabelle
Lily & Taylor Spring 2015
Ladies' Couture Wear
Annabelle Spring 2015
Ladies' Evening Wear
Susanna Spring 2015
Ladies' Sunday Suits, Dresses & Hats
Champagne Italy Spring 2015
Ladies' Church Suits
Elite Champagne Spring 2015
Ladies' Dresses
Devine Sport Spring 2015
Ladies' Casual Wear
Lisa Rene Spring 2015
Women's Church Suits
Chancelle Suits Chancelle Dresses Ben Marc Mystique Ben Marc Intl.
Chancelle Suits Spring 2015
Ladies' Suits
Chancelle Dresses Spring 2015
Ladies' Dresses
Ben Marc Mystique Spring 2015
Ladies' Wear
Ben Marc International Spring 2015
Women's Church Suits
Nubiano Spring 2015 Terramina
Nubiano Spring 2015
Ladies' Church Suits
Dresses By Nubiano Spring 2015
Ladies Dresses
Terramina Spring 2015
Women's Suits
G.M.I Spring 2015
Women's Suits
Nina Massini Kayla Odeliah
Nina Massini Spring 2015
Ladies' Church Suits
Nina Nischelle Spring 2015
Evening Wear
Kayla By Tally Taylor 2015
Women's Knit Dresses
Odeliah 2015 Collection
Women's Denim & Pleather Wear
Tally Taylor Jerry T.
Tally Taylor 2015
Women's Suits
Scruples Originals
Women's Church Hats
Jerry T.
Ladies' Casual
Tally Taylor
Women's Suits
Ben Marc Executive Glow Dress  
Ben Marc Executive
Ladies' Suits
Liorah Knit Collection
Knit Suits
Glow Dress by Moshita
Ladies' Evening Wear
Nina Massini Fall 2014 Nina Nischelle Fall 2014 Donna Vinci Knits Moshita Couture
Nina Massini
Womern's Suits
Nina Nischelle
Women's Suits
Donna Vinci Italy
Women's Suits
Moshita Couture
Women's Church Suits
Dresses by Nubiano Devine Sport NY Susanna Dorinda Clark-Cole
Dresses By Nubiano
Women's Church Wear
Devine Sport NY
Women's Casual Wear
Church Skirt Suits
Dorinda Clark-Cole
Skirts & Suits for Church

2014 Collections

Pegasus Summer White Jsong Kayla by Tally Taylor
Summer 2014
Summer White
Summer Dresses
Dressy Casuals
Kayla by Tally Taylor
Occasion Wear
Kayla Vol. 2 Night Studio Odeliah 2014
Kayla by Tally Taylor Vol. 2
Occasion Wear
Night Studio
Women's Suits
Odelia 2014
Women's Suits
Champagne Italy
Ladies' Church Suits
Liorah Exclusive 2014 Elite Champagne Tally Taylor Regal Robes
Liorah Exclusive 2014
Knit Suits
Elite Champagne
Women's Church Suits
Tally Taylor Suits Vol. 1 2013 Regal Robes
Church Robes
Casual Collections:
Design Today   Jerry T JSong Way
Design Today   Jerry T
Women's Suits
Women's Suits

Our Designers

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